Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Hands "...a moment of reflection

He stops and turns to wait for his brother-
The one with eyes of blue.
In a moment,an outstretched hand appears-
Eager to join, too.

The year old boy is on a mission
With an unsteady, but determined gait.
His chubby feet quickly pad across the floor..
Nothing can make him wait.

In a moment he has reached the goal, 
His brother with eyes of brown.
And without hesitation he grasps his hand, 
Like a lost treasure that's finally been found.

Together they enter a world of play-
Of race cars that will soon land the moon,
Of pirates that moonlight as mechanics
Who fix everything with a spoon.

Capes will soon be requested-
They're needed in the older boy's plan.
The superhero wants a sidekick
And deems the drooler a worthy man.

The tot has no words of protest-
No declaration of dismay.
Though he cannot form any words as of yet, 
This is what I think he would say...

"I know that I am little
And there are some things I cannot do.
But give me some time and meanwhile you'll find
I"ll always stick by you."

Legos are spied and the bases of airplanes
Quickly start to form.
One attempts to build the landing gear
But it soon meets its demise to the floor.

The older soon stops to assist
 His puzzled little friend.
And guides the eager little fingers
Till a jet engine is made in the end.

Deep concentration soon gives way to
Giddy bursts of glee.
They fall to a laughing heap on the floor-
Their joy is tangible to me.

I can imagine how things will be
A few years down the road.
The Hot Wheels will be put away-
And they'll have real ones of their own.

The eyes of brown will hold out his hand
And the younger will toss him the keys.
Then they'll disappear down the drive-
All cares fading away in the breeze.

I can hear their laughter now..
The sounds are deeper and grown.
Their faces may have traces of scruff.
And I'll wonder how time has flown.

For the moment, my fingertips can gently 
Graze the tops of little boys' heads
But I know there will come a time
When they'll look down at me instead.

The girls who before were deemed
Mere pawns in games of tag and play-
Now have the power to turn the boys' heads-
And make them forget what to say.

One of these days, that girl will come
And capture his racing heart.
He'll realize that she fulfills his dream
And he'll never want to be apart.

The doors swing open and there he blinks-
Staring at his bride.
The suited one with eyes of blue
Is standing at his side.

No words between the boys are spoken-
There is simply an outstretched hand.
He gives his brother the glittering ring
To place on top of her band.

And maybe there will be kids in store-
Eyes peering over their cribs..
Wanting to be just like their daddies..
Tiny hearts full of love within.

But for now, I have to focus 
On the more important task at hand..
For I'm playing the role of the villain
And my heroes have saved the land.

My castle is made of Lincoln Logs
And  their den is out of toys-
We all cheer for their bravery..
And I love-oh how I love these boys! 

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